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My dad just finished writing his memoir and he is 89 years old- it is a huge gift to our family that will continue to be for generations. I highly recommend Francine Brevetti. She came in at a time when my father had written lots of it but her insightful feedback, recommendations and journalistic background absolutely helped shape the book. She also has a great way with that generation - my dad was extremely impressed with her.

-- Josiane Chriqui Feigon / San Francisco



Francine Brevetti's seminar was just the ticket to unglue my thoughts. With her guidance, the pent-up words in my heart just started pouring out. Francine's talents are indeed worthwhile for anyone contemplating a book; a person would be crazy not to take advantage of her expertise. I simply cannot thank her enough for getting me started in a way that was so simple, easy and effective.

-- Raylene Thompson / Napa, California


"Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation to my CCSF Creative Ways to Tell Your Life Story class at the SF Main Library on Monday. I trust you could tell how fully engaged the participants were. You have a gift for making people feel comfortable in opening up and revealing the essence of themselves. I was very inspired by both the content you presented and the way in which you engaged the group. I plan to build on the tools that you presented by reviewing what they learned and encouraging them to use what they learned moving forward in their work. I hope I have the opportunity to return your wonderful favor."

-- Hope Levy, Adult Education Administrator / City College of San Francisco



I would urge those who wish to write a life story to start right away and not put it off any longer! Loved ones and future generations will appreciate the treasure you create for years to come, and there is no better guide to help you capture precious memories than Francine. She leads “Forever Remembered” with skill and thoughtfulness, and is generous in sharing her experience and technical knowledge as a professional writer. This workshop is thoroughly satisfying and a real pleasure.

-- Suzy Baurmann / Oakland



As a professional writer who spends his days writing other people's stories, I never thought I would want to write the story of my life. But then I attended your non-fiction workshop and decided otherwise.

You opened my ears and eyes to all of the various things that I've experienced and how they can each become a chapter or a story of my life.

Thank you again for your guidance, your professionalism and your kindness.

--  Gil Zeimer / San Rafael


"Francine's class showed me how to use mind mapping effectively. The writing exercises about stimulating memories were very helpful. The conversations with fellow participants were thought-provoking and very insightful."

--  Tracy Sestili / San Francisco



"When I joined Francine's class I went thinking that I had nothing to write about. I never wanted to write a book. I only went because Francine invited me as a guest. After the first class I was enthralled. Ideas were racing in my head on various chapters I could write. I've interviewed relatives and was amazed at what I learned about my family and I can't wait to find out more. It's been a wonderful and exciting experience for me so far and I'm just getting started!"

--  Valerie Camarda / San Francisco


"Francine’s group has helped me become more focused and disciplined in my writing project and I have felt inspired by her knowledge and the many of the links and resources she has shared."

-- Arete Nicholas / San Francisco


"Francine's class will take you to unexpected places... put on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!"

-- Joanne Butcher / San Francisco


"Francine Brevetti is a master at teaching the art of the memoir. I didn’t set out to write a memoir but by the end of her sessions, I was so inspired that I am now writing weekly about the lifetime of lessons I’ve learned from those I’ve encountered in my life."

--  Allen Klein, author of The Healing Power of Humor, and The AWE Factor


"Francine's years of experience, and her genuine care for her students, makes her classes both practical and fun for both aspiring and more seasoned writers. Her teaching style is engaging and hands-on. You won't be sitting back listening to long lectures. You will be practicing writing exercises during class and getting feedback from Francine and fellow students. It's a great way to learn."

--  Ray Renati, actor, director, and photographer



"Francine Brevetti’s course on “How to Write Your Life Story” was just what I needed to help me finally pick up my pen and begin to write down memories I have wanted to share for so long. I really appreciated the projects she gave the group each week. The quick exercises we sometimes did during the workshop sessions were an excellent discipline as well. And I always looked forward to hearing what the other participants wrote. Definitely something I would like to experience again."

--  Lynne Streeter, sculptor


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