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The Fabulous Fior - Over 125 Years In An Italian Kitchen

The Fior d’Italia, America’s oldest Italian restaurant, is still in San Francisco. I trace its history from its founding in 1886 to the present. This book visits the Italian life of its neighborhood in  North Beach and the characters to inhabit and enliven it.

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The Search For Your Life

People who write their life stories frequently don't know how to proceed. This book is a guidebook for do-it-yourself memoirists and autobiographers.

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Cat Naps & Doggie Snorts

Whether they admit it or not, people sleep with their pets--not just dogs and cats -- but also, rodents, livestock, birds and even a snake. Enjoy these interviews with people who do just that shamelessly.

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Boost Your Business With A Book

Business executives and entrepreneurs frequently want to tell the story of their success, their innovations, or their philosophy about business. But they often don't have the time or the skill to write it. This eBook shows businessmen and women how to do proceed.

These books by Francine Brevetti are available on Amazon.

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