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Is There A Book In Your Future?

Who needs a book coach?

People come to me frequently with an idea for a nonfiction book but don’t know how to proceed. They don’t want a ghostwriter because they want to write the book themselves. In such a situation, a book coach, someone like me, can help a would-be writer find their way.

Here are some of the scenarios that might impel you to find someone to shepherd  you through your book writing and publishing:

  • You are insecure about your ability to write

  • You have an idea for a book but don’t know how to start

  • You’ve started writing your book but are confused about
    how to go forward

  • You don’t know how to structure your book

  • You need help publishing your book

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Let's Take These Challenges One-by-One

You are insecure about your ability to write.

I believe if you can talk, you can write. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to contribute your knowledge and wisdom in a way that will help, inform, or entertain other people. I will help you gain confidence in your writer-self.

You have an idea for a book but don’t know how to start.

I will help you brainstorm the ideas you need to start and complete your book. My techniques will put you at ease and you will see you can generate numerous topics for your material. Together we will crystallize your vision. Frequently, the question of how to start is a question of confidence. Once we’ve worked on brainstorming and focusing on your central message and identifying your ideal audience, the way forward becomes clear.


You don't know how to structure your book.

These are similar obstacles. You may have all the pieces of the puzzle but need to make your material and your points flow from one to the other for maximum impact. Your reader wants to finish reading your book with the feeling of satisfaction and a feeling of inevitability at the conclusion. I can help you do this.

You need help publishing your book.

Together we will discuss possible ways of publishing your book — from literary agents, to self-publishing or traditional publishing. Print or e-book or both? I will help you research the most likely agents and write a query letter or proposal for you to approach one.

Here Are Some Questions You May Have

How do I work with my book coach?

How long will I need my book coach?

What does it cost to work with a book coach?


Here Are The Answers

How do I work with my book coach?

First let me assure you I offer complete confidentiality. I will not steal your ideas nor pass them on to anyone else. We establish a regular appointment; I suggest at least once every two weeks if not once a week.


That’s a commitment we make to each other.


Before our first session, the writer sends me whatever text he or she has written so far, if indeed any. Or any notes he or she has made. On the phone we discuss the material and I comment on how it supports the writer’s goal. I make suggestions on how to proceed. I offer ideas for new material, topics or research. I am always supportive; I never criticize. I critique.


We establish a goal for our next meeting: together we decide what content and how much the client is going to write in the next week or two. What are the obstacles he/she perceives to completing this self-made assignment? Together we will work this out.

How long will I need my book coach?

Until you are satisfied. Until you have reached the goal you envision. Or until you feel you can proceed by yourself.

More Questions

What does it cost to work with a book coach?

When surveying my field, I see my charges fall in the moderate range and my clients are incredibly happy with their results. Let’s connect to discuss your project needs.

The real question is: How much would it cost you in time away from your regular job, in the time it takes to make false starts and begin again, without my help?

How much will it cost you in emotional distress to plod forward on your own? Or give up?  Only you can answer that.

In the long run, my services will save you time and money. I happily offer you a free hour of consultation to see if there is a good fit between us.

While searching for something on LinkedIn, the words “When are you going to write your book?” caught my eye and held my attention.  Those words led me to Francine Brevetti’s website and the rest is history.  We connected and Francine inspired me to actually write what I have put on the back burner for years.  Now I’m writing with confidence and having fun doing it. I would recommend Francine to anyone who needs a gentle push in the right direction. I think she is not only a great book coach but also a great writing muse.

- Janette Calabro, Omaha, NE


Francine has been listening, documenting and writing the stories of people’s lives, journeys, businesses and accomplishments for thirty years. Her work has been called eloquent, insightful, thoughtful and remarkable in its clarity, depth and understanding.

As a chronicler of lives, communities, businesses and souls, her ability to translate depth, meaning and complexity by virtue of her interest, curiosity and skills is unsurpassed.


Are you ready to start writing your book?  I invite you to schedule your FREE 1 Hour Consultation with me to discover how a book coach can save you time and provide you with the motivation you need to kickstart your project.

Contact me for a free consultation at 

or 415.397.7830

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