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Writing Your Autobiography or Memoir

Passion! Intrigue! Humor! Your story!

Finally you have a voice. You can immortalize your life story with the help of an expert writer, listener, and memoirist.

These are common reasons why people want to write their life story, whether memoir or autobiography:

  • To leave a legacy for their children. 

  • Or to gain new perspective and appreciation for their past;

  • For self-forgiveness;

  • Or to distinguish themselves from the family and environment they were raised in;

  • To help and inspire others.


When I ask people why they feel committed to writing their life story, they usually say things like:

I want my grandchildren to know what I went through. Think of all the questions you wish you had asked your parents or grandparents but now they are gone, and you cannot. Let’s not let your children feel that way about your story. 


They also may say:

  • I want to share my father’s recollections of the old country.

  • I want to remember my mother’s traditions.

  • Or I want to review my life and understand how I became who I am and how I got here despite the challenges. 

But more and more I hear people offer a new explanation: “I want to help people.” 

Many believe that recounting all of their life’s confusions, tragedies, recovery, and triumphs will support and enlighten others on similar paths.


I’ve heard this from people who have had addiction problems, who are gay or transgender, who had violent and abusive childhoods and even suffered violence in their adult life. Serial marriages, abandonment, you name it.


So if you have had a crazy, unpredictable life path, you may find fulfillment and a sense of contribution by sharing it with others. You may inspire them with hope and courage. What have you got to lose? You have come this far, haven’t you?


Through a series of  in-depth interviews, you share with me your memories. I help you revive ones still stuck in your gray matter. You determine which photographs or memorabilia will be relevant to your text. 


And then, we create a book – your story as you see it and lived it. 


I will coach you to write it or I will write it for you.

Contact me for a free consultation at 

or 415.397.7830

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